When Your Sales Drop… What To Do About It (Part 1)

When Your Sales Drop

When You Sales Drop… What To Do About It (Part 1)

What I want to do on this email is give you an action plan, to improve your sales, conversions or case acceptance rates. (To do that, I’ll need 2 articles)

But first tell me if this sounds familiar…

Dr. Smith has a pretty successful office. He’s been in practice several years and everything seems to be running like clockwork, so he starts to focus on things outside of practice. Before he knows it, one of his staff members starts to lose their motivation, and his practice numbers begin to drop Now, because his focus is off the practice, this goes on a for few months before it’s caught.

When he finally catches it, the team member leaves, gives notice, or gets fired. With one less team member, the rest of the team is now working hard to get caught up, and the focus goes off of marketing and sales.

The sales numbers begin to drop.

The doctor’s first reaction is what?

Yep, you probably called it, his low sales numbers.

He ramps up the marketing, which he thinks will increase sales, but with an overloaded team, what do you think happens?

Sales slump even lower!

His focus is on his numbers, which go into a nosedive.

Focusing on your numbers, when your sales process is broken, is like looking at your speedometer while your car is heading directly into a tree. It’s only going to make it worse.

You have to get back to why the problem occurred in the first place.

PURPOSE (Intention)

Your first reaction when sales are down, should not be focusing on your numbers. It’s getting back to WHY you sell care in the first place. It’s getting back on purpose.

Inverse Rule of Serving

I came up with this myself, so don’t steal it, but the Inverse Rule of Serving works this way.

“When I focus on what I need, and what I want, I always get less of what I want. When I focus on others and serving them, God delivers in abundance.”

God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, is not going to send patients into an office where the doctor, case manager, front office person is focused on themselves, their numbers and what they don’t have. (fear)

It’s a funny thing I see in business and marketing.

I see a lot of businesses make money with marketing, and I see even more lose it for a lack of purpose.

You want to increase your sales, increase your long-term success in business. go back to purpose, Go back to your why.

Start there first…. Then work on the next step to fixing your sales process…COMMUNICATION. (Part 2: Communication = Success)