When Your Sales Drop…What To Do About It (Part 2)

Feb 13, 2019 | B2C / HCP

When You Sales Drop… What To Do About It (Part 2)

On the first part of this series, we reviewed the first step in fixing your sales stats, which is focus first on your purpose. Getting back to your “Why”.

The next step in this process is communication. It’s HOW you communicate the purpose and sell care to a patient.

This is a vital part of the process. To teach you why this is so important and not something that you can just “Wing it” with, I want to give you some perspective on some of the highest paid people of our time.

Actors and Actresses

First off, have you ever wondered why Actors and Actresses get paid so much?

It’s because there is a tremendous amount of work and effort that goes into being a great performer/communicator.

Years of work go into perfecting their skills. In addition, they got go hundreds of auditions, thousands of hours of classes and rehearsals, all of the opportunity to perform at the highest level.

Yes, luck may have something to do with why one actor becomes successful, but just like in business, rarely is this the case.

Whether you call it a craft or a skill, they have to work hard at it and practice. No matter how long they’ve working at it.

But actors aren’t the only ones that get paid to be great at communicating.

Some of the highest paid people in our society are incredible communicators. That’s why speakers, actors, trainers, CEO’s and coaches all get paid more because they have to be effective communicators.

Your business is no different.

The 2nd part of fixing a broken sales process is constant effort and training on your communication.

If you want to improve your sales, you HAVE TO TRAIN. You must role play, you must use scripting, you must constant work to improve and stay focuses on your sales experience.

It cannot be something that you do 1X a year, or even 1X a month. It has to be done weekly.

We all get rusty if we don’t train!

Ego’s are a funny thing.

They tell us we’re good enough. That we’ve been working at something a long time, so we should have it down by now. That we’ve done it all, seen it all, and that we’ve “got this”.

If you don’t train constantly, your mind will automatically try to find the easier way to sell care. (I know because I’ve experienced this first hand). You cut corners on one aspect, then 2 parts of the scripting and before you know it, the entire experience has changed.

This is almost found in every sales experience where the doctor or team is struggling with their sales.

Some aspect was cut out, shortened, or made easier for the team member.

If you really want to be good at sales…

If you really want to increase your case acceptance rates on cash cases…

There is no shortcut I can teach you that will replace what comes with constant, weekly training for your sales team.

You have to work at it and constantly train to improve your communication. But if you do put the time in, you’ll see a huge payoff in the end.