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At Jairus, we’re proud to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We know that what we do directly impacts the lives of patients and providers worldwide. To us, it’s not just work — it’s the opportunity to expand access to life-changing and life-saving innovations to those facing limited options for their critical health needs. From introducing groundbreaking technology to driving patient connection and beyond, we recognize the responsibility we’ve been given and work purposefully each day to steward it well.

We take MedTech companies from:

FDA Approval to Go-To-Market Strategy

Demand Generation to Market Share Growth

Physician Adoption to Patient Demand

And back again.

Scott Alexander

Meet Jairus founder, Scott Alexander

About a decade ago, I had the great fortune to launch an insulin pump for Medtronic. We launched in 55 countries and generated $500 million in revenue in the first year. I can remember all the steps that went into the launch – months of work crafting messaging and designing marketing collateral. It was an incredible experience and we had a great outcome, but I was left with this gnawing feeling – which of my work actually helped to produce value for the company and which was wasted. I had a similar feeling when I was the VP of Marketing at Mercy/ROi, an innovative player in the healthcare supply chain industry. In fact, this is the fundamental question for marketers.

Three years ago, I bought a digital marketing firm focused on direct-to-patient marketing for healthcare providers. We then built a B2B platform on top of the organization to take those capabilities and focus them on doctors, nurses, and other healthcare decision-makers. The platform launched in April of 2020 (great timing, right?)

Why do I tell you this?

Well, for the first time, we’ve created the ability to watch marketing campaigns in real-time and see whether they are actually driving prospect engagement and opportunities for increased revenue. Marketers can focus their message only on the prospects they want to target, can continuously split test messaging, and can see the exact results that their efforts generated in the targeted prospects, including qualified sales opportunities generated.

It’s exciting to come full circle to solve a problem that I felt so acutely, a problem that marketers across the globe have wrestled with since the dawn of time – which of my efforts are driving results, and how much did I contribute to the team’s success.

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Jairus exists to help innovators transform the healthcare / life sciences industry for the better. So many companies have a truly great solution to a massively unmet need and need a trusted partner who understands how to drive adoption. We are more than consultants who build a plan and walk away. We’re in the trenches day after day, working tirelessly to build demand, to support the sales team, and to see our clients grow because the work they do matters."

– Scott Alexander, Founder/CEO

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We hold an unwavering commitment to excellence at the center of our operations. Whether it’s account management, creative support, or media optimization, each member of the Jairus team understands the deep impact our work has on key industry stakeholders. That’s why we strive to do great things in our individual roles and for the agency as a whole: because MedTech innovators look to us for the expert guidance and exceptional work necessary to fuel lasting growth and innovate the future of patient care.

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