Guess Who’s Back….1000% ROI with Google Adwords

Oct 11, 2018 | B2C / HCP

Well guess who’s back and making a solid go at it.

It’s our old friend Google Adwords!!!

You remember that platform, right?

With everyone over on Facebook and Instagram; it’s easy to forget one of the solid staples of digital marketing: Google Search & Google Adwords.

I wanted to share with you some of the results that one of our Stem Cell / Regenerative Medicine practices had with Google Adwords last month.

Here goes.

First off, if you’re not familiar with what Google Adwords is, it’s the paid (PPC) advertising platform for Google.

[History Lesson]

Gather around the fire kids and I’ll tell you a story about how the interwebs got started. Years ago; in the olden days, circa 2012, Adwords was the ONLY form of paid advertising one could do on the internet. With all the focus on social media platforms, a lot of advertisers have forgotten about Adwords, but it’s still a great platform for the right services.***

Now remember, a new patient lead is a little more expensive using Google Adwords, but if they are handled correctly (meaning solid follow-up, 3 day scheduling) the conversion/sales process can give you a solid ROI.

Here are the numbers:

Average Cost Per Lead/Sign-up = $50

Spent $1200 to get 20 sign-ups/calls –

6 New Patients in the office ($200 per new patient show-up)

Those numbers may not look good to you, but wait for this. From the 6 new patients that showed up to the office for consultations; 3 purchased care for a total of…. (drumroll please)

$13,500 in purchased care!

We spent $1200 and generated $13,500

That’s over a 1000 percent ROI!


There are certain services that work extremely well for Adwords and some that do not. We’ve tested everything from Dental Implants to Stem Cell Therapy and we know the exact services that work well on this platform.