Search Engine Optimization for Medical Device Companies

Lead generation involves more than launching an ad campaign or networking at a conference. What countless medical device companies overlook is the crucial stepping stone to successful lead gen efforts: an optimized website. While every outreach tactic and campaign helps move leads through the pipeline, the one strategy that gives prospects one last push across the finish line is search engine optimization (SEO).

The Key to Unlocking Sales Opportunities

SEO is one of the most powerful tools in your medtech sales and marketing arsenal. At Jairus, SEO strategies are often the primary source of the highest quality and quantity of sales opportunities for our medical device clients. However, SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Website optimization acts as the foundation of a successful lead gen strategy — think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with website optimization, sales collateral, and CRM strategies forming the most crucial layer of the pyramid.

If your site isn’t positioned as a lead gen tool to support sales efforts and effectively nurture each prospect’s journey, then every tactic you build on top of it (no matter how well-written, visually appealing, or holistically engaging) will fail to move the needle on sales growth. To truly harness the power of website optimization, facilitate an ongoing SEO strategy that continually evaluates where and how leads are engaging with your website, leveraging those insights to further optimize your website to create a well-oiled, sales-driving SEO machine.

Core Components of a Successful SEO Strategy

The first step to building a high-impact SEO strategy is to launch a website — but not just any website. Each page should function within a larger lead gen roadmap, capturing prospects at every stage of their journey and pushing them towards the ultimate goal: submitting their information to contact your team. Think of each website page as a lead-gen-style landing page, strategically sharing your value props, results, capabilities, and other benefits to leave prospects wanting more. Your website content should prove enough value on the front end to pull prospects into a form fill. Or, if they’re not quite ready to share their information, surround them with more resources and information (i.e., the next level of the pyramid) to continue proving your value and motivate them to engage.

Building a strong website foundation is critical to SEO success, but it’s not the whole picture. Maintaining a robust, high-performing strategy requires three additional elements:

  • Content creation. Publish new blog posts regularly to further increase SEO performance and create new channels for prospects to visit your website. Utilize long-form gated content, such as white papers, case studies, and webinars, to diversify your lead gen strategy by giving prospects a variety of options to engage. Using just one contact form on your website limits opportunities to connect with prospects who may be further up the sales funnel but willing to be educated and nurtured toward the bottom of the funnel.
  • Consistency. Patience is key to website optimization. On the whole, SEO is a long-term investment — but there are opportunities for short-term wins. Launching a consistent strategy from the get-go not only generates measurable results over time but also creates a self-perpetuating model that increases lead quality, shortens lengthy sales cycles, improves close rates, and engages hard-to-reach prospects to drive faster medtech revenue growth.
  • Data analytics. Your initial and ongoing SEO efforts will ultimately go to waste if you don’t have an inside look into which tactics are working and which need refinement. This data will quickly spot the gaps in your strategy and pinpoint which efforts you should scale up to maximize engagement and generate more sales-qualified leads.

Harness the Power of Specialization

SEO is not one-size-fits-all. A cookie-cutter strategy will fail to truly capture interest and nurture leads in your unique niche — the same goes for large-scale medical device marketing efforts. Tailor your SEO tactics to a specific audience and monitor performance to map out every twist and turn of the buyer’s journey and dig into what makes your prospects tick. Pair data analytics capabilities with SEO specialization to achieve complete visibility into SEO performance, creating a fully optimized strategy that maximizes every sales opportunity and accelerates growth.

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