Search Engine Optimization for Medical Device Companies

Lead generation involves more than launching an ad campaign or networking at a conference. What countless medical device companies overlook is the crucial stepping stone to successful lead gen efforts: an optimized website. While every outreach tactic and campaign helps move leads through the pipeline, the one strategy that gives prospects one last push across […]

2024 Guide to Pipeline Success for Revenue Cycle Companies

A business person working on revenue cycle management (RCM) marketing strategy

Healthcare is growing more complex by the minute, creating an even steeper slope for practices seeking to manage their revenue cycles in-house—that’s why 61% of providers plan to either begin or expand partnerships with RCM vendors.1 On the surface, this is good news for RCM companies. The real challenge, however, lies in the oversaturation of […]

Growing a MedTech Company During an Economic Downturn

Business people analyzing data

Heading into 2024, the question facing medtech innovators across the country is: how do we stay afloat and hit sales goals despite economic headwinds? While recession may be top of mind for company leaders across all industries, the healthcare sector is traveling down a separate path with diverse economic roadblocks and hidden barriers to growth. […]

How to Build a Reliable MedTech Commercial Model

A Double-Sided Challenge Among the countless disruptions that continue to wreak havoc on the industry, the top challenge for medtech innovators is pinpointing and engaging the right decision-makers. Getting your product or service into new hands is a far more elaborate process than before. Physicians aren’t the only decision makers for new products and services […]

Senior Living Facilities Can Establish Trust & Transparency with These 6 Content Marketing Tips

Selecting a senior living facility can be a daunting decision, filled with concerns ranging from mixed emotions to finances. Establishing trust, transparency and top-notch expertise is crucial for senior living facilities. This is where content marketing becomes a vital tool. By creating valuable and informative content, senior living facilities can build brand awareness, establish themselves […]

Finding the Perfect Marketing Agency for Your Medical Device Company

A group of medtech business professionals having a team meeting while sitting together at a table

As a business leader in the medical device industry, you understand the significance of effective marketing in driving growth and success. However, choosing the right marketing agency for your company can be a daunting task. There are many different options to choose from and each has their own, unique approach. That said, there are several […]