Senior Living Webinar

Senior Living Growth Strategies: Key Steps to Boosting Occupancy in 2024

Even with the growing demand for senior living, facility leaders must act now to strategize for success in 2024 and beyond. What steps are you taking to enhance and showcase your resident offerings? What areas of improvement must be addressed to maximize prospect interest? How will you make more prospects and families say “yes” to your facility and not another?

Find out how to keep your facility top-of-mind throughout the selection process with insider insights from a senior living and healthcare expert. Watch this webinar to learn:


Best practices on how to connect with interested residents and their families


Common mistakes in the tour process and how to overcome them


How to stay in touch with prospective residents during their decision-making period

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Scott Alexander

Featured Speaker

Scott Alexander, CEO
Jairus Marketing

Scott’s lengthy healthcare career includes nearly a decade spent developing and marketing high-growth medical devices for some of the industry’s largest companies. He also served as VP of Innovation for one of the nation’s largest health systems.

Now the owner of a global healthcare marketing agency, he helps connect medtech and other B2B healthcare companies with innovative strategies for revenue growth.

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