Digital Marketing Webinar for Healthcare Innovators

How to Build a Reliable Commercial Engine in Healthcare

Building a reliable commercial model is vital for healthcare innovators and medtech leaders to navigate the complex healthcare landscape, drive market adoption, and maximize the impact of their groundbreaking technologies and solutions.

Watch this webinar to gain invaluable insights into achieving marketing success, driving revenue growth, and attaining product-market fit in the dynamic healthcare industry. Learn key strategies for sustainable commercial models and uncover the secrets to thriving in this competitive landscape.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

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Scott Alexander

Featured Speaker

Scott Alexander, CEO
Jairus Marketing

Scott’s lengthy healthcare career includes nearly a decade spent developing and marketing high-growth medical devices for some of the industry’s largest companies. He also served as VP of Innovation for one of the nation’s largest health systems.

Now the owner of a global healthcare marketing agency, he helps connect medtech and other B2B healthcare companies with innovative strategies for revenue growth.