Digital Marketing Webinar for Healthcare Innovators

Marketing Pre-FDA: Do’s, Don’ts, and Drivers of Success

The waiting period before FDA premarket approval is a critical, yet often overlooked, time to build strategic relationships and educate potential customers. Strict pre-approval regulations limit several marketing efforts, but companies with deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape can capitalize on certain preliminary outreach strategies to hit the ground running.

This webinar explores each aspect of a comprehensive and compliant medtech marketing plan designed to prime customers for future engagement and long-term sales relationships. This includes researching competitors, leveraging existing contacts, and developing innovative strategies to drive medical device sales post-approval.

You’ll learn:

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Scott Alexander

Featured Speaker

Scott Alexander, CEO
Jairus Marketing

Scott’s lengthy healthcare career includes nearly a decade spent developing and marketing high-growth medical devices for some of the industry’s largest companies. He also served as VP of Innovation for one of the nation’s largest health systems.

Now the owner of a global healthcare marketing agency, he helps connect medtech and other B2B healthcare companies with innovative strategies for revenue growth.