Life Science Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Social Media Platforms

Feb 24, 2023 | B2B / Medtech

Are your healthcare executive prospects now working from home? Are your target accounts denying access to non-patients? It’s a tough place to be.

Thankfully, social media and an omni-channel marketing approach can help with that.

Digital marketing centers around understanding where your customers are and putting your message in front of them — doctors and life science decision-makers use social media just as much as everyone else. These platforms provide valuable opportunities to surround them with your content, regardless of whether your firm sells hip implants, revenue cycle solutions, clinical trial management software, or any other offering.

Clinicians are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their practices, but they are busy during the day….and thus unavailable to take an introductory sales call. That said, they are likely to engage when you reach them in their downtime — when they actually have time to study your content.

There are a number of social media platforms. How do you know which one to choose?
The answer: all of them.

Social media marketing isn’t about choosing one platform over another; use each to put content everywhere your prospects are looking. At Jairus, we primarily use four social channels to catch the eye of decision-makers:

One of the most popular social media sites, Facebook is a leader in medical and life science marketing. Take advantage of the time your audience spends scrolling here in their downtime. With wide-reaching capabilities, Facebook boosts ad views, content downloads, traffic to landing pages, and more. Jairus has had major success using Facebook for the medical side of our marketing outreach efforts, reaching doctors at home, in the office, or between patients. Facebook is often the most effective paid tool for lead generation in healthcare.

LinkedIn was built for networking — it’s much easier to go “viral” here than on Facebook. Gain traction with an organic following that is both effective and cost-free, leaving your marketing budget intact for very targeted campaigns. Jairus uses LinkedIn for the business side of life science marketing, as decision-makers look here for innovations to improve their labs or practices.

Use Twitter for brand awareness and thought leadership, circulating content that promotes familiarity with your brand as an expert and leader in your field. Focus your outreach efforts less on lead conversion and more on informative content. Twitter can effectively capture the attention of the decision-makers who will advocate for the adoption of your technology. You want to be right there, waiting for them, with strong assets that appeal to their pain points and prove how you can solve them.

We all know YouTube is the place to go for videos. You name it, Youtube has a video for it — your audience knows this, too. Upload longer video pieces, 3 to 5 minutes, that are informative and engaging. Examples include product demos and client testimonials. Integrate your videos into ads or landing pages so your audience can learn more without any extra effort. If prospects are not ready to schedule a demo, YouTube provides a strategic alternative that allows you to showcase the same content that builds toward engagement.

With the right content on the right platforms, you can effectively broadcast your brand to your audience right at home. They can see exactly what you have to offer with no extra steps or face-to-face interaction. If your prospects aren’t busy in the lab or distracted by patients, they’re more likely to dive into your content to evaluate if you’re a good fit. Don’t let the recent changes in the industry keep you from valuable sales opportunities — make the move to digital with social media marketing.

Reach decision-makers like never before. Jairus crafts personalized outreach strategies to envelope your prospects with relevant content where and when they want to see it.