Four Reasons Why You Should Be Direct Messaging on Twitter

Aug 26, 2016 | B2C / HCP

The numbers have proven Twitter to be one of the best platforms for businesses attempting to reach and connect with their audiences. Over 300 million users log in to Twitter each month, so the probability of reaching your target market is high and reaching them is just the tip of the iceberg. When Twitter users like a product or service they are more likely to share the experience with their followers, just under 80 percent of users in fact. Eighty percent of that highly effective word-of-mouth marketing brands so desperately covet. Most Twitter users follow businesses and brands because of the personal connection the rapid-fire microblogging culture provides. So, keeping customers engaged and informed about your brand has never been easier. Twitter is no doubt an effective tool, but there are still more ways to turn up the heat on your Twitter marketing campaign.

If you are using an email strategy to provide content to your customer base you know all too well about the hazards your message has to dodge to be delivered, opened and read. Unsubscribe options, impersonal connections and spam folders all conspire against your email reaching its intended inbox, but Twitter’s direct messaging could give you an opportunity to bypass all of that if you approach your campaign the correct way. Here are a few reasons that will have you asking why you haven’t been utilizing direct messaging all along.

It’s Personal: User’s come to Twitter for a personal experience, and they provide all of the information necessary for a savvy marketer to provide one. When you go to direct message a customer, you have the opportunity to take a peek into their world. What are they tweeting? Who do they follow? What are their interests? All of this information could give you some insight to fine tune your message and provide the perfect content to engage them.

There’s Less Competition: Most of your customers are receiving a high volume of messages in their email inbox each day, so your email is in tough competition to get noticed. Without an eye-catching subject line, your message can easily be swept into the trash with the rest of the sale notifications and weekly ads. Let’s be honest, even expertly crafted bulk emails still look like bulk emails when you have 10 or 20 waiting in your inbox. Twitter direct messaging creates a singular conversation between you and your customer. The private link also opens a direct portal for your customer to communicate back with you on an individual level.

Double the Notifications: Twitter users receive an email notification when they receive a new direct message giving you the opportunity to reach your customer in two places. Two notifications, one on their Twitter app and one in their inbox, doubles your chance of getting your message opened and read.

Higher Click-Through Rate: Users are more likely to click a link sent to them in a DM. Twitter direct messaging outplays email click-through rates by over 20 percent. Twitter users don’t just read messages; they take action. DM’s are the perfect place to draw customer’s into the funnel by linking some useful content in an individualized message to your customer.
Twitter is rich with one-on-one communication opportunities and a wealth of valuable targeting information to help you reach a connection with your audience.