Becoming Local-Famous

Social Media

If you’ve ever met a celebrity, you’ve probably had an odd experience – despite never having met this person in your life, you felt like you knew them. Why is that? Because we see these people on TV, online, or hear their voice on radio so frequently, we feel like we know them even though we’ve never spoken before.

How does that relate to growing your practice? It’s quite straightforward, really. With the explosion of digital marketing resources, you can become famous, too, and have prospective patients excited to have the chance to pick you as their provider. How would that feel, to have patients actively seeking you out for your expertise?

Unless you have a multi-million-dollar budget, your goal should be to become “local-famous.” You want to be famous for the people who may seek your services. For a great example, take Dr. Sandra Lee. While most of the world has never heard of her, if you are in the market for a dermatologist, you might be exquisitely familiar with Dr. Pimple Popper. She is “local-famous” in the world of dermatology.

Becoming local-famous is as easy as a three-step process:

1. Pick your fan base. If you are building a practice, there’ll likely be a geographic consideration to your stardom. What’s the one condition/procedure/outcome you want to be famous for? Your goal is to be the only person they think of when your fans think about that condition/procedure/outcome. The more targeted you are, the easier it becomes.

2. Use video. Even world famous authors like J.K Rowling and James Patterson blend into the crowd when in public, but Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie can’t take a step outside without an audience. Why? It’s because we rarely see pictures and videos of those authors, but we are constantly bombarded with images of the actors. If you are going to become local-famous, you want to make sure that your adoring public recognizes you when they see you. Video let’s you do that unlike any other medium. (Recording great video is easier than you think. Click here to learn more.)

3. Meet your fans where they are. Your fans are online today like they’ve never been before, so you should be, too. For a robust online marketing strategy, be sure to cover the three pillars of digital marketing: Social Media Marketing (like Facebook), Search Engine Marketing (Google, Bing) and email. By leveraging content across the three platforms, you can cement yourself as famous in the eyes of your potential patients with very little effort.