5 Tricks to Break Through Roadblocks to Your Inner Creativity

Nov 18, 2015 | B2C / HCP

We have all experienced times when we can’t seem to get much done and everything seems difficult. Our brain feels sluggish and all we can think about is getting home to the TV so you can drift off into a comfortable vegetative state. In fields that require a lot of creativity, momentum and mental acuteness are of the utmost importance to remain successful. For the times when you must step it up a notch, and break through the barriers that have temporarily bound your creative prowess, so below we have listed 5 tricks that may help get those creative juices flowing. These are just a few suggestions, and the road to self-mastery is a long and arduous one, but perfecting these tricks will mean you will be able to be at your best even if you don’t feel motivated, and that is a powerful and useful skill.

  1. Read, watch, or listen to something that inspires you. Sometimes all we need to start feeling better is to see or hear something that inspires us to action. As you scour the internet and social media channels each day, store the items that move you in a special way in a special file on the desktop. Whenever you feel the need, bring out these materials and give yourself a creative shot in the arm.
  2. Go work somewhere else. This is a luxury, obviously, not everyone will be able to afford since many people cannot move around freely during work hours. If this is an option for you, however, sometimes changing your scenery can give you new perspective and new thought patterns. Take advantage of this if you are ever feeling cramped in your workspace or if the days are starting to run together. If getting up and moving isn’t an option, try decorating your work space with plants, pictures, and things that make you smile. You will be surprised how much better you’ll feel during your working hours each day.
  3. Stop working for a while. This may be counterintuitive, especially if you are under tight deadlines and your stress is coming from meeting them. Surprisingly, this is often a smart choice, because letting your mind drift onto other things allows your subconscious to begin analyzing and figuring out your next optimal move. It has been shown in studies that after long periods of intense focus, the brain’s ability to comprehend, and problem solve, and react all drops dramatically. Taking a short, 15-minute interval can actually do wonders to improve the brain’s functionality.
  4. Go to the gym or exercise. Nothing produces more endorphins in your brain than when your body is getting exercise. It doesn’t matter if you go for a run, lift weights, play basketball, swim, do yoga, go hiking, ride bikes, or something else! Physical activity will make you feel more alert, happy, and creative.
  5. Hit the “reset” button. If you are experiencing the type of burnout that includes exhaustion, hunger, and body odor, you may want to think about calling it in for the day. A meal, shower, and good night’s sleep or at least a nap will rejuvenate your mind, body, and creative powers.