10 SEO Tips for Dental Practices

May 19, 2015 | B2C / HCP

An increasing number of dental practices are appreciating the positive impact of having a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in their marketing efforts. The term SEO refers to the skills and strategies that are used to boost the visibility of a website on the search engines’ ranking. It is therefore a matter of paramount importance to utilize effective SEO service strategies in your business marketing model.

10 Local SEO Tips

SEO makes it possible for businesses to stand out amongst their peers. Here are 10 tips to get your online brand noticed locally:

  1. To start with, your choice of keywords plays a vital role in determining the success of your SEO strategy. Generally, keywords should be relevant to the website and should help you drive traffic to your website. Second, you should get your company’s page from the Google’s Place for Business Page. One of the greatest advantages with this is that you secure a local sphere which attracts less competition.
  2. Next, Geo-targeted keywords are important because they help the business achieve localized specialization.
  3. After you have keywords, it is important that you give a platform where clients can give a review and feedback.
  4. In connection to this, it is important that you respond to their queries. Constructive criticism should be allowed.
  5. Fifth, it is important to use different landing pages for different locations. In this regard, you should do research on each location and use content that is unique to that location.
  6. Now it is advisable that you create a page that covers each of the products or service that your company is dealing with. This will make it easier for an online visitor to go to the specific page of the product or service that he or she wants. Internet behavior shows that internet users can feel alienated by a website that gives too much information in the same page.
  7. Next, being listed in the directories is very important. If well utilized, directories can fit in your digital strategy.
  8. At this juncture, it is crucial that you thoroughly optimize the content that is on your website. These can be achieved through creation of an appropriate domain name and highlighting your offers.
  9. Finally as you begin developing a niche it shows that you are an authority in a particular field. This is important because some clients like dealing with experts.
  10. The last tip is to establish a strong business engagement through the social media. In this regard, follow the accepted rules of the social media. For example, do not use a very formal language when posting a Facebook post. Rather, use the language that the Facebook target audience can identify with.

Mobile Friendly SEO

Website developers, search engine optimizers, and business owners should note that Google announced that starting from April 21st; it would use the mobile friendly signals as a ranking factor. A mobile friendly website is a website that responds optimally on mobile devices. In this regard, it is easy to read, loads fast, is easy to navigate, and requires minimal scrolling. Business owners should employ mobile friendly SEO in order to exploit its vast emerging business opportunities. Businesses are making a renewed commitment in laying a viable and sustainable SEO infrastructure. Your business should not be the exception. The future if SEO as a marketing tool is bright and optimistic. Overall, SEO service is indispensable if a business is to realize a high rate of return on investment in its marketing campaign.