No more tradeshows?

Event Cancelled

If you’ve been in medical device sales or marketing for any period of time, you’ve been to more tradeshows than you can recall. We’ve all experienced the hours of standing around on concrete floors having the same conversation over and over with unqualified prospects who are barely pretending to be interested in what you have. At the end of the conversation, you scan their badge and POOF! you’ve gotten a lead in the system.

We all know what happens to those leads. They get sent to the rep for that prospect and are (mostly) ignored.

The tradeshow routine is tired, unproductive, and a waste of money.

Luckily, 2020 is the year of No Tradeshows.

Now, while we mourn the loss of that right of passage, let’s talk about an alternative to tradeshows that actually does drive brand awareness and qualified opportunities for the sales team – the Jairus platform.

For less than the investment in one tradeshow, it is possible to run a robust marketing campaign through the Jairus platform that only targets your pre-vetted, qualified prospects for an entire quarter – generating substantial brand awareness and dozens of qualified sales opportunities for the team.

The Jairus platform is built on years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of cutting-edge marketing & sales enablement techniques.