Why MedTech companies should embrace Direct-To-Patient outreach in 2023

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Why MedTech Companies Should Embrace Direct-To-Patient Outreach

Patients are more educated than ever and taking a front seat in driving their care decisions. Companies that take advantage of this unprecedented industry shift give themselves the upper hand in the new age of MedTech sales. Download this white paper to:

  • Learn how to capitalize on consumer trends to grow device sales
  • Leverage digital channels for provider and patient device adoption
  • Position your company for lasting success pre- and post-FDA approval

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Growth marketing for healthcare innovators.

Direct-to-Patient Marketing

Ready for a steady flow of new patients? The Jairus approach employs data-driven outreach strategies to reach patients like never before.

HCP/B2B Marketing

The Jairus model is built around hyper-personalized marketing to physicians and other healthcare decision-makers for longterm engagement and sales.

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