Effective Dental Marketing: Its About Patients Not Leads

Feb 20, 2020 | B2C / HCP

As I talk with dental practices daily, the conversation inevitably turns to securing more dental patient leads. How many are there, how qualified are they, where are the coming from, etc.

I thoroughly enjoy these conversations, but I want to change the discussion a bit. Instead of focusing on dental patient leads, I’m focusing on new patient starts with our clients and prospective clients. Leads are important for sure, but if no one starts care, then what’s been accomplished? That is why I’m directing the team at iVelocity Dental Marketing to focus on our clients’ new dental patients starts and I wanted to make sure I’m sharing our perspective with you, as someone who might be interested in working with us.

To that end, here’s what we are doing to better support the dental practices we work with as they look to start more new patients. If we worked together, you would have access to these, as well:

1. Expanding Advertising Platforms / Advertising Campaign Types. Marketing is dynamic and so are the platforms and campaigns we use to advertise. Our recent work combining search engine marketing, social media, and email campaigns for high-dollar cash procedures has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. It’s the new way to market and if you don’t have a multi-channel approach, other practices will pass you by.

2. A Dedicated Sales Coach. We have been blessed to have one of the most talented practice managers / sales coaches in the industry on the iVelocity team. Starting in 2020, Lisa Berthelsen will be 100% dedicated to helping our clients close patients on care through dedicated one-one-one support of offices and monthly trainings on phone techniques and in-office sales procedures. I am extremely excited about this new, complementary service and believe it will be transformative in how we serve our clients. Just in the few weeks since she started in this role, she’s made major impacts on a number of practices. To learn more about how exactly she helps practices close like never before, schedule some time with our head of business development, Jason Hellem.

3. A Greater Focus on Stats / Closes. At iVelocity Dental Marketing, we measure our success on our client’s ability to provide services to patients. To accomplish that, we are working with our clients to know how our efforts online are converting into patients receiving care in their practice. This helps everyone – the practice can chart their performance over weeks, months, and years and it allows us to make rapid adjustments to campaigns to ensure top performance.

4. Expansion of our proprietary Marketing Maximizer Email/Text system. Email and text messages are a great way to build rapport with potential patients. We have been building out the communication that gets sent out from our client’s practice with content created by the iVelocity team. The results have been great.

If you are hoping to make 2020 a great year for your practice, let’s talk about how all these things combine to create dramatic success in your practice in a short dental practice marketing assessment. During that time, we’ll walk through your goals and give you a little more information on how we might help.