How Healthcare Providers Can Use Lead Capturing and Landing Pages to Improve Conversions

Lead Generation

You already know how critical it is to have a nice, functional and responsive website for your medical practice. Now it’s time to fine tune it.

How can you make your website work smarter, or turn potential customers into new patients? What many healthcare providers do not realize is that it takes more than just a great-looking website to book more appointments. Although some people might call to inquire about your practice directly off your website, there are so many more you could be reaching.

The answer is to build relationships with each new prospect, which can be done only if you know who they are. And to find out who they are, you need a “lead capturing” system. If you can get the prospective clients to give you their email address and name – at the very minimum – you can then keep in touch with them again.

You may have heard of the “Rule of 7”, although there are some variations to this rule. It states that a customer needs to see an ad an average of seven times before they buy, or in the medical industry, before they commit to book an appointment. This is especially true in the healthcare industry, in which people need to feel a higher level of trust. You have a personalized service; hence, you need a personalized method of reaching new patients.

Setting Up a Landing Page for Your Healthcare Business

Rather than turning the attention away from people who want to view your company website, a landing page can be a great tool to obtain those new leads you seek. These are especially useful if you want to reach a specific target audience, whereas your website may feature dozens of different services.

For example, let’s say you own a dental practice and you do general cleanings, family dental programs and pediatric dentistry, but you also specialize in veneers. If you want to find more patients who will buy veneers, then you need to reach them with a landing page. This is a separate page that can be advertised via different methods, whether social media, pay-per-click or through a marketing company like iVelocity. At any rate, this landing page would feature a special “lead capture” box that either gives your potential patient a free item or otherwise encourages them to put in their contact info and email. Then, the magic begins.

Once you have this valuable information, you can keep in touch. An email campaign can be used to “remind” your customer about your service. You already know they are interested, because they visited your landing page for veneers. So, instead of trying to reach everybody who visits your website, you will now have a specific service to market to that potential new customer. It works like magic and is a very successful method of building relationships with new patients!