Data is the NEW Black

Dec 18, 2017 | B2C / HCP

One thing is certain as we move into 2018…

You’ve got competition!

No matter what niche that you’re in; pain management, chiropractic, stem cell/regenerative medicine or implant dentistry:

The Market is getting crowded.

And I’m not just talking about the Facebook platform.

In Denver, which is currently the wild west of Stem Cell Clinics (along with Dallas and Orange County) there is someone on every corner selling Stem Cell/Regenerative Products. Newspaper, Radio, TV, Morning Shows, Facebook, Adwords, and add any other media platform you can think of and someone is on it.

So how do you compete in a crowded marketplace. Simple…


This will be the trend moving forward for 2018 and beyond. Your DATA will be the weapon that you’ll be able to weld against any and all competitors.

Currently, we get data from 2 sources; Google & Facebook analytics. (These only tell us general interaction, they don’t track by the INDIVIDUAL)

But moving forward, using the Marketing Maximizer (Phase 2 Rollout) we’ll be able to track and score every single lead’s engagement with your content.

Why is this important?

Because once someone is in your marketing funnel, you (and your team) will have the ability to watch them, and know when the right time to reach out to them is. Which helps you MAXIMIZE every cent you used to capture that person’s information.

For example:

Susan Smith(not a real person) has been on your email list for a few months now. She opened one of your emails yesterday, she clicked onto the Free Consultation button in your email. Your front office, immediately gets an email notification to call her. She hops into the Marketing Maximizer and sees the Susan’s actually opened emails and clicked on a few blog articles over the last few weeks. Your front office reaches out within 30 minutes and calls Susan to offer her a consultation appointment.

And that’s just the beginning.

Want to send a Seminar Video REPLAY to everyone who missed?

Guess what, you can track WHO opened the REPLAY email AND how much of the video that watched. Susan couldn’t attend your seminar, but she watched 100% of your video replay. You can get a notification of EVERYONE who clicked on the REPLAY link and reach out to them.

This SYSTEM is Baddass and it’s only gonna get better as we roll into next year.

And it won’t matter how much your competitors spend on their marketing, because you will have data that they can’t ever possess… ENGAGEMENT!

The first stage is moving you onto the new Marketing Maximizer system and then first quarter, we’ll be rolling out more of the automations and engagement score tracking.