Business Starts from the Top Down

Mar 14, 2018 | B2C / HCP

“The organization is only as good as the person or people who lead it!”

It’s not easy leading people.

I don’t care what anyone says about business ownership and being an entrepreneur. It’s not easy. I know that there a whole lotta shows out there that glorify being a business owner; Shark Tank, The Profit (one of my favorites). But despite what most people think, it requires way more work than the majority of people are willing to put in.

And not only does it require work and effort, it requires us to step into roles and duties that often times, we’re not comfortable doing. And for real continued success, it almost always requires us to step out of our comfort zones. (Almost daily)

Business demands this.

And that’s why only a few are really good at it.

Where you see a reflection of this the most, is with the team members. If the owner is willing to come out of their comfort zone, tackle new challenges, continue to innovate and improve, and provide structure and systems, the entire business will do the same.

All team members will continue to come out of their comfort zones, take on new challenges and work on continuing to improve who they are, and what they can contribute to the business to make it better.

But when a staff is unwilling to change, unwilling to innovate, unwilling to improve upon their systems, it’s a slow death march into non-existence.

And it almost always comes from an owner who is unwilling to grow, unwilling to change, and unwilling to lead by example.

(I see this a lot. More than I want to.)

Your org, your company, and your team, are only as good as you. Period.

And any time that you decide to mentally check out, stop innovating, stop training, and stop working toward your purpose and your goals; you can rest assured your team will too.

The universe does not allow for lazy business owners.